Vauxhall Tyres

Vauxhall is one of the biggest vehicle manufacturers in the world. We have had a look at what tyres Vauxhall give you, and have made some alternative suggestions on replacements (

Vauxhall Corsa – 175/65 14T Continental Eco contact

Vauxhall’s entry in to the small car market has recently been revamped. The excellent range of options available means there is a Corsa to suite all tastes and pockets. As a city car the Corsa has been designed with comfort and quiet in mind and as such the tyres specified for this vehicle reflect this. A tyre that also provides this level of comfort would be the Pirelli P6000 or the Bridgestone ER30 tyre. However the Corsa is a favorites with the conversion market so many tyre sizes are available. Driving style would have to be taken into account when choosing tyres in the conversion market.


3rd best seller in the market. Small car in supermini class. Considered to have good, sharp performance, also good on safety. Marketed as a fun car, emphasisng spare time and the fun of driving.

Tyre size: 155/80 R 13 and 175/65 R 14 (standard)

Tyre size: 175/65 R 14 (standard)

Acitive, Design, Sxi, Energy
Tyre size: 185/55 R 15 (standard)

Sri, Exclusive
Tyre size: 195/45 R 16 (standard)

Vauxhall Astra– 195/60 15 H, Continental Eco Contact

With the recent facelift the new Astra has improved both the internal space and the handling from Vauxhall’s small family car The Astra makes an excellent choice as a city runabout that is still able to take on large motorway journeys without stressing the occupants. The Continental tyres provide excellent grip and handling without sacrificing the comfort and noise levels in this car. Alternatives would be the Michelin E3A a tyre designed for the small family car market. However if you enjoy driving then a tyre which is more handling focused is the Pirelli P7.


Practical car for everyday use. Also emphasises zest for life and fun aspects but more emphasis on safety and the fact that it has more space. Mid range small family car

Envoy, LS, Club, Active, Elegance, Enjoy
Tyre size: 195/60 R 15 (standard)

Sxi, Sport, Sri
Tyre size: 205/50 R 16 (standard)

Vauxhall Vectra – 205/55 16 V, Bridgestone ER30

The Vectra is Vauxhall’s stab at the company car market. The range of options available also makes it perfect as a family car. It cruises well in motorway conditions but can cope with the demands of town driving as well. Noise and comfort were the priority when specificing the tyres for this car, but because of the weight and power available quality tyres should be used to ensure good levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions. The Michelin Primacy would be an excellent option for this vehicle as would the Continental Eco Contact tyre or the Pirelli P6000 Powergy tyre.All these tyres will provide the levels of grip and comfort required from the Vectra driver.


Marketed as both a family car and a fleet car. Heavy focus on space and comfort.

Expression, LS, Club, Energy
Tyre size: 215/55 R 16 (standard)

Sxi, Design
Tyre size: 215/55 R 16 (standard) 225/45 R 18, 235.35 R 19 (options)

Elire, Sri, Gsi
Tyre size: 215/50 R 17 (standard) 225/45 R 18, 235.35 R 19 (options)