Run Flat Tyres

The main advantage of the run flat tyre is that it is able to continue to work at pressures which would render an ordinary tyre flat. The tyre utilises self supporting technology which means it is able to support the weight of the vehicle with no air at all. If you look at a cut through slice of a run flat tyre you will notice that the tyre walls are much thicker at the base of the tyre.

All modern vehicles fitted with run flat tyres have an electronic tyre pressure measuring system to tell you when the tyre is flat. When you experience a puncture you normally have about 50 miles of driving time at a reduced speed which will enable you to take the tyre to be fixed. Cars with run flat tyres do not have a spare wheel in the boot.

Advantages: safety, money saved on spare wheel, more room in boot

Disadvantages: sometimes harsh ride. Especially with very low profile tyres. Not as easily repaired as conventional tyres.

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