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Mini is part of the BMW franchise. BMW make three mini models. These are the Mini Hatchback, the Mini Convertible and the Mini Clubmen which can all be seen on the mini website.( Below we are going to make some recommendations on which tyres are best for a few of the Mini's available.

Recommended tyres for Mini

Recommended tyres for the Mini Cooper S– try Pirelli Eufori

Recommended tyres for the Mini One– try Dunlop Sport 01

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The Mini is a really fun car to drive. Being so small it does sometimes feel like you're driving a Go Kart and pumping out a max of 140mph in the Mini Cooper S that is one fast Go Kart. They're also very easy to park, which is a bonus for town driving.

Pirelli P6000 the UK's most popular tyre. This tyre is long lasting and very reasonably priced. It may not be the sportiest tyre on the market, but will save you money in the long term. For a sportier tyre you should look at the Pirelli Pzero.
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