Lexus Recommended tyres

Lexus offer a range of high quality vehicles ranging in price from £22,000 up to the more expensive premium models at £56,500. The Lexus name gives off an air of luxury as they are now well known for their exective vehicles. To view the Lexus range then head to this link. (

Recommended tyres for Lexus

Recommended tyres for the Lexus LS 430– try Continental Sport Contact

Recommended tyres for the Lexus SC 430– try Michelin Pilot Sport

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Plans to make the Lexus were first introduced in 1983 by Toyota when they decided to challenge the worlds best luxury car manufacturers by inventing their own brand. The first ever Lexus rolled off the production line in 1989.

Pirelli P6000 the UK's most popular tyre. This tyre is long lasting and very reasonably priced. It may not be the sportiest tyre on the market, but will save you money in the long term. For a sportier tyre you should look at the Pirelli Pzero.
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