Honda Recommended tyres

Honda make a wide range of cars from the fun range such as the Honda Jazz to the faster mort sporty models such as the Honda S2000. You can see a full range of what Honda have to offer at there site( Most Honda vehicles come already fitted with Bridgestone Tyres. This is not always the best or recommended tyre.

Recommended tyres for Honda

Recommended tyres for the Honda Civic Type R– try Falken FK451

Recommended tyres for the Honda S2000– try Michelin Pilot Sport

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Honda is one of the largest Car Manufacturers in the world, and is the first manufacturer to make a car that runs on hydrogen gas creating only water vapour from its exhaust..

Pirelli P6000 the UK's most popular tyre. This tyre is long lasting and very reasonably priced. It may not be the sportiest tyre on the market, but will save you money in the long term. For a sportier tyre you should look at the Pirelli Pzero.
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