EU tyre labelling guide

Guide to EU tyre labelling scheme

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On the 1st July 2012 a new EU scheme for labeling car tyres was introduced. The scheme aims to help motorist make an informed decision when buying tyres for their vehicle by providing them with three key pieces of information. It is also thought that the new labels will help promote safer, quieter, more fuel efficient tyres. The scheme becomes law on the 1st November 2012

Label summary

  1. Fuel efficiency - how low the rolling resistance is (Rated A to G*)
  2. Wet grip - how well a tyre stops in the wet (Rated A to G**)
  3. Rolling noise - how noisy the tyre is in use (Measured in decibels)

EU tyre labelling guide

The colour coded stickers are similar to those found on white goods. It is the retailers responsibility to ensure that every tyre has a label showing in a visible location. It is also a requirement that the manufacturers display this information on their website

Ratings details

Fuel efficiency - each grade represents a reduction or increase in fuel consumption of 2.5% to 4.5%. For a car doing 36mpg that's a difference of approximately 0.5mpg.

Noise - the more black bars shown, the higher the road noise.

* Fuel efficiency - D is not used to show greater differences.

** Wet grip - D is not used to show greater differences. G is not used as this would be below the minimum legal standard for a tyre.

New car sales

When buying a new car, where there is a choice of wheel sizes there will be a corresponding choice of tyres. If this is the case then the dealer will have to show you the tyre labels before selling you the car.

What we think

We think that this is good news for motorists. It is now possible to judge a tyre on a measurable set of data rather than relying on marketing hype. A vehicles tyres are responsible for 20 to 30 % of the total fuel consumption. Tyre buyers will surely favour more fuel efficient tyres and this in turn will encourage manufacturers to produce greener tyres.

For full details visit the EU legislation website

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