4x4 Tyres

4x4s are the quickest growing vehicle segment in the country. Almost all car makers are now producing a 4x4 vehicle. Some of the latest models to have been produced are from car makers who previously only made performance cars.The Porsche Cayenne and the new BMW X5 are two examples.

we recognise the need for replacement tyres for 4x4s, and have a complete range of tyres for all conditions. we stock over 400 different tyre options for 4x4s. Stock includes top of the range tyres to budget options, with tyre variants for aggressive off road competition to the family work horse that stays predominantly on the road.

4x4 Vehicles and their Tyres....

Land Rover Discovery – try Michelin Synchrone

This is the most family friendly Land Rover, it is roomy and versatile, especially the big seven seater model, and the interior is very well thought out. Models E / S / GS / XS / ES usually come as standard with 235/70 16's. A popular tyre for this vehicle in this size is the Michelin Synchrone. The Synchrone tyre is great for those who really use the vehicle for what it was intended, off road. It is a hard wearing tyre and helps reduce your fuel consumption. The Michelin Synchrone tyre is an excellent option for a Land Rover.

Mercedes Benz – try General Grabber ST

Made in the USA, but it's good onroad and, with the right tyres, good off-road as well. It is one of the most convincing all rounders there is. The 320 V6, 270 Cdi 6 are mostly fitted with 255/65 16's. The standard tyre for the M Class is the General Grabber ST. The Tyre is a good all rounder, but they key advantage with this tyre is the quiet ride road noise. The Grabber tyre is the US 4x4 tyre of choice, and 4x4s are almost 50% of car sales in North America.

Jeep - New Cherokee – try Goodyear Wrangler HP

One of the most popular 4x4s on the Road. This car works well both on and off road. The standard tyre size for the Cherokee is a 235/70 on a 16" rim. One of the more popular tyre options in this size is The Goodyear Wrangler HP, which promotes solid onroad handling throughout all four seasons, as well as reduced road noise.

Range Rover – try Pirelli Scorpion ST

The Range Rover marquee is still unsurpassed in desirability within its class. The Range Rover combines civilised onroad driving with an great off road driving. The 4.0/2.5 SDT / 4.0SE /2.5 DSE / 4.6 HSE often come with the 255/65 on a 16" rim. A good choice here is the Pirelli Scorpion ST. This tyre combines great off road performance, with a speed rating allowing the vehicle reach speeds of upto 130mph. The tyre tread on the Pirelli Scorpion ST is similar to a car tyre tread than a traditional 4x4 tyre, built for speed not off road action.

BMW - X5 – try Michelin Diamaris

The X5 is an great on road vehicle but still has 19 cm of ground clearance making good off road as well. The 3.0i Sport & 4.4i Sport & 3.0d Sport are normally fitted with 255/50 on 19" front rims, and 285/45 on 19" back rims. A good choice here is Michelin Diamari. This tyre provides a good trade off between wet and dry handling, and comes with a rim protector to protect your 4x4 alloys. The Michelin Diamaris tread pattern is built for the road first and off road second.

Pirelli P6000 the UK's most popular tyre. This tyre is long lasting and very reasonably priced. It may not be the sportiest tyre on the market, but will save you money in the long term. For a sportier tyre you should look at the Pirelli Pzero.
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